Saturday, April 18, 2009

What's wrong with me...

1. I woke up to the sound of insistent, blaring horns. Horns in my sleep? Why of course, I was in my car driving to work. Yes, I fell asleep during a traffic jam along J. Vargas Avenue. Thank God for the hand brake which kept me safe and the angry drivers who snapped me out of dreamland. When I woke up, the car in front of me was about 15 meters away.

2. I used my husband's blue toothbrush for about 2 nights and 2 mornings, thinking it was mine. But it wasn't. Mine was green. When I asked Bebert he said, "kaya pala laging basa yung toothbrush ko."

3. I splashed cold water into my face without removing my eyeglasses.

4. I zoomed past my mother-in-law's house and drove straight to our subdivision. I forgot to pick up baby Marlie and yaya.


At 1:29 AM, June 10, 2009, Blogger AnneMac said...

Okay, that's post-pregnancy brain in action! If it'll make you feel better, I've done number 2 & 3! There'll more of those, but hopefully none anymore along the lines of numbers 1&4. :)

At 3:34 PM, June 21, 2009, Blogger Mhelskie said...

nangyari na sa amin ni tin yung #2, only it was me who used the wrong toothbrush he he he

At 3:35 PM, June 21, 2009, Blogger Mhelskie said...

#1 also happened to Tin, kaso ala pa kami anak nun, d pa nga sya buntis man lang ^_^


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