Thursday, March 23, 2006


I recently turned 31. Huling taon ko na sa kalendaryo, tsk tsk. Isip bata pa rin, tsk tsk. I took these photos on my birthday, March 12. The strawberries were as delicious as they looked. Bebert's sister Trina bought them from Market!Market! Not bad at P100 for 3 styro packs. It was a hot afternoon so we hastened to make strawberry shakes with extra helpings of evaporated milk and condensada. Nothing beats home-made fruit shakes. Panalo! Though we all kept wishing we had some of those happy, colorful straws with umbrellas to complete the fruit shake experience.

That's Pepe over there. I love watching him walk around because "he shakes his little tush". I suppose it's because he's rather fat, but it doesn't show in the picture. Good for him. It wasn't easy keeping him still so I was lucky with this shot when he fell into a pensive mood ;p...
All I really want to say is thank God for family, loved ones, friends, and blessings that come in all shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and tastes. Enjoy the summer everyone!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Laguna, gitara, atbp

I spent Feb 18-19 in Laguna with Bebert at my family's reunion and had so much fun because of:
  • Tinuktok, dip & chichiria, buko pie, pork bbq, pagkain!
  • Billiards (kahit bano ako maglaro)
  • Hearing cousins, brother, & Bebert sing their hearts out
  • Playing an electric guitar for the first time
  • Swimming in a pool with nice, clean, perfect-warm water
  • Bright, sunny weather
  • Bright, sunny, funny, warm company

Friday, March 03, 2006

Before Sunset

I was channel hopping one weekend and found Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy staring at me on the TV screen. Thanks to HBO I got to catch a few minutes of Before Sunset. A lot of friends have said it was a delight listening to their conversations. Despite seeing only the latter part of the movie, I couldn’t agree more. My favorite part was when Julie Delpy played her guitar and sang this lovely song she had written for Ethan Hawke. I couldn’t remember the lyrics but I’m sure the title had the word “waltz” in it. I really have to get DVDs of Before Sunset and Before Sunrise and watch them. Do hope I find the lyrics and chords to that waltz song.

[Photo courtesy of the Warner Brothers website]