Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Boracay in July

At the height of typhoon Glenda’s wrath last July 24-26, we were in Boracay. It was an accidental vacation as we had to accompany Bebert’s balikbayan cousins who were spending only 2 weeks in the Philippines. The island sure was different in July: windy, cold, and deserted but I suppose still beautiful. The entire island’s beachfront was covered with tall bamboo posts and nets for protection from strong winds. One night we had to run like madmen to escape the sandstorm on the beach.

In the photo are Bebert, Andy, Chris, Abby, and Trina on a lucky day that allowed boating and snorkeling. I, on the other hand, stayed on the boat, took their pictures and munched on bananas and choco wafers.

I missed the bbq/longgaburger/dried squid stands which were nowhere in sight. Despite the typhoon, our group was still blessed with a boating and snorkeling trip, some sunshine, free brewed coffee all day, and cheap hotel rates.