Monday, April 30, 2007

Subic: The second time around

Found myself in Subic again on 28-29 April 2007 but this time with a bigger group. We visited the much talked about Zoobic and I think it was worth the P395 entrance fee. Good thing we were there early as the whole tour took almost 2.5 hours.

Our tour guide Jaywell said ostriches with black feathers are male, while those with brown are female. We were on an open tram when I took this so taking the shot was easier.
It was Lola's 80th birthday last April 29. Happy birthday! We had lunch at Meat Plus Cafe and the boys were very, very happy. There's 11 month old Bea, my sister, dad, and mom.

We spent the night at Legenda Suites in Cubi Point. Their rooms were very spacious and came with an electric oven, microwave oven, and a mini-ref; ideal for big groups and families. There was also an air-conditioned chapel, St. Therese's, nearby. Anticipated masses are held every Saturday at 6:30 pm.

Shiene, Dennis, Lea, Ray, and Bebert towards the last few segments of the tour. I just realized I forgot my watermarks. Wag na lang, tinatamad na ako.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jala-Jala, Rizal

Spent the weekend with Bebert and badminton friends in Jala-Jala, Rizal. It was a peaceful town with lots of carabaos, goats, horses, and vast fields.
The house we stayed in overlooked the Laguna Lake. The shore was filled with these tiny shells.

These flowers were taken at the "Coffee Stop" - Rizal's very own "Starbucks". Everyone needed a caffeine fix before the drive home. So kind of this little fellow to pose so nicely for me. I was hesitant to approach her at first; surprisingly she just walked over to me and "smiled". By the way, thanks Bebert for teaching me about watermarks.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Sting and John Dowland

My boss Joven lent me Sting's new album for the long weekend. It's called Songs from the Labyrinth, with music by John Dowland, performed by Sting and Edin Karamazov. Joven said it's an imported album so I'm thankful I got hold of it. Dowland was an English composer in the 16th-17th centuries. Many times during Sting's career, as far back as 1982, Dowland's name would be mentioned by fellow musicians, artists, and friends. Since then Sting had been intrigued with Dowland. But it was only in 2006 when Sting finally released this album with Edin, a famous lutenist from Sarajevo.

I haven't listened to the album yet, though. I'm waiting for my danged ear infection, caused by my foolish old self, to get well. So I had to content myself with reading Sting's introduction of the project, how it unfolded, and Dowland's words. Here's one of the lyrics that caught my attention:

Weep you no more, sad fountains;
What need you flow so fast?
Look how the snowy mountains
Heaven's sun doth gently waste...
Sleep is a reconciling,
A rest that peace begets.
Doth not the sun rise smiling
When fair at e'en he sets?

Rest you then, rest, sad eyes
Melt not in weeping
While she lies sleeping
Softly, now softly lies sleeping

- John Dowland, Third Booke of Songes, 1600, no. 15

I don’t want to end sadly so I’ll quote Sting’s favorite line from among Dowland’s songs: “May all your weeds lack dew and duly starve”, from Clear or Cloudy.