Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Serendra Sunday

My niece Bea at Fully Booked with Mom Lea reading to her Miss Topsy Turvy. Fully Booked at Serendra was a treat - a bookstore with 4 floors and a wide, unique selection. Bebert had a ball as the whole basement was dedicated to graphic novels and manga. If you have time to kill, go there. Before that we had lunch to celebrate our parents' wedding anniversary.

I don't know if you've seen that giant shower-like structure at Serendra. We were walking to Krispy Kreme for dessert and free balloons when Bea pulled with all her might towards the shower. She wanted to go to the water so badly. Yeah, it was very hot. Anyway, Bea got her balloon, the adults had their doughnuts, and I was migraine-free (with a new book) so it was a nice, happy Sunday.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Oh my socks...and more

There it was swimming in the toilet bowl. My poor old sock. It wasn't your usual pair of socks because they were toe gloves. The first time I saw them worn by Mae of Baddicts, I was so amused I bought myself a pair. Although it could be difficult squeezing each of my chubby toes in, they made me happy. I usually wore them with mojos.

On that fateful badminton day at the office, June 19, I wore them because I didn't have any other pair. Turns out this isn't advisable as they come loose while playing. In other words, my feet ended up hurting. So I kept complaining to friends on the court about it; at least it was a crappy game excuse.

As I changed into street clothes at the ladies' room, one sock fell into the toilet bowl. Nooooooo!!! Good thing all the bowl had was water. After trashing the sock, Jose Rizal's story about slippers falling into the sea came to mind. Does that mean I have to toss the other sock in the trash can too? Duh. Ano ba, Donna. Anyway, I brought the good sock home for its sentimental, smelly value.

P.S. What is it with me and toilet bowls? Last week my giant safety pin, holding my pants together, fell. Nooooooo!!! Haste makes waste indeed. Late that evening, my watch dived, not into the bowl, but into that sticky mouse trap I was telling you about. Not the mouse trap again. I'd better get rid of them.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Mom & Tina's

After a badminton tournament at the office last 30 June, we headed off to Mom & Tina's for some pampering. Was with Bebert, Becky, Carmie, Claire, Hazel, Jake, Melo, and Rhea. It was a charming and pleasant place with comfy blue sofas, nice wooden tables, and good food, which was priced very reasonably. In other words, it's a great venue where friends and family can gather, catch up, make tsismis, and laugh to their hearts' content.

I had this mango kani salad during my first visit with Bebert. I loved it, and there were half-orders available so no worries about big portions. On this particular visit, I was starving so had paella valenciana. It was delicious, very well presented with generous servings of chicken, tahong, and shrimp but it bordered on salty towards the end.

The girls ordered 7 different cupcakes and they loved them (I had to pass). I was impressed with Jake who had 3 cupcakes all to herself; and she never gains a pound. Who ever said life was fair? ;p Going back to the cupcakes, the girls said they were much yummier and cheaper than those overrated, ridiculously expensive ones sold in Serendra.