Monday, March 31, 2008

San na yung pizza?!

Last week I walked to the cafeteria hoping to find some chicken sopas which out of the blue, I suddenly craved for. I knew I would be disappointed since merienda items here at the office are planned by Food Services and announced in the office intranet. Chicken sopas was nowhere in the menu. Asa pa ako.

But still I went to the caf in the hope of finding something interesting, plus the fact that my tummy wouldn't stop grumbling. I couldn't possibly eat another slice of wheat bread and a 14-g pack of raisins or a hard-boiled egg.

So I got me a tomato, basil, mozzarella pizza. One whole box to myself. Grabe, ang sarap. I said I'd save half as my pasalubong for Bebert. But I really don't know where the rest of it went. I was just working quietly, then when I looked at the box, it was empty. Aba, tumatakbo pala ang picha pie.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Black-eyed pup-pea

That’s Chico our pirate pup. He was a tiny, wobbly, scared 2-month old mongrel when he was given to us in November 2007. Mayabang na ngayon ang kumag. Despite his small size, he bravely barks at strangers, and Clancy the fat, black cat.

The little mutt is sweet and shows affection by playfully biting my hand, shorts and pants, and squeezing himself under my knees. When the car arrives in the afternoon, he would rush and run next to it, his long tail twirling behind him.

In the morning when it’s cold, he lies lazily on a regular spot where there’s lots of sunshine. At this time, Chico refuses to get up and bid goodbye as we leave for work. Lazy rascal.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Baby names

Bebert and I have been blessed with a 2nd pregnancy, thank God. We are being more careful, praying more than ever, and hoping that things will be better this time. Our baby is about 1 month-old but we're trying best to talk and read to her / him / them (malay mo twins) more often. I couldn't believe there was a book called "Sci-Fi Baby Names".