Tuesday, July 15, 2008

At random #2

1) My ballpen ink ran out and I still have the pen; am so happy. It's a miracle! I always lose my ballpens, and umbrellas, too.

2) Masarap ang pansit ng Orchids, a motel in Pasig. I don't know how or why folks in the office got to know of Orchids. Basta, panalo ang sotanghon nila. May free delivery pa.

3) My colleagues and I were talking about how fast paper accumulates in the office. If only we could say the same of money, savings, vacations...

4) Ang dami kong puting buhok! That doesn't really bother me since it runs in the family. My problem is how to reach the back of my head and pull them out. Now I understand why my Mom gladly gave me and my sister some money for pulling out her white hair when we were kids.