Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Chocolate martyr

Received chocolates as pasalubong from my balikbayan uncle. Of course I was thankful and thrilled. But I couldn't leave them in the fridge knowing fully well that my evil diabetic twin could sleep walk one evening and gobble them all up. I could also sense Bebert's furtive glances, na parang may masamang balak.

Thus, I opened all four bags, watched the chocolates tumble on my desk, and wiped my mouth. Boy I wanted them. Still caught up in my dilemma, Bebert suddenly grabs two pieces, smiles, pops them in his mouth, and says "ay nahulog".

They ended up being given away, far, far away from our house. May sugar free naman. Though I saved a few pieces for Bebert (he likes the violet kisses - dark chocolates).