Saturday, September 29, 2007

At random (#1)

1. Listening to the blues took some blues away, I don’t know how.

2. With the music on, doing the laundry and cleaning the bathroom didn’t seem so bad.

3. Many motorcycles and bicycles have a way of pulling stealth- and suicide-like stunts on the road. That ticks me off.

4. You sit at your desk for hours. Why does the phone have to ring as soon as you get up to take a leak or do something urgent?

5. Just after you had been smiling your widest at dinner, you realize that something had been stuck between your teeth.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mabilisang Baguio

Staying overnight in Baguio on Aug 4-5 was tiring, but really fun. We celebrated my parents' wedding anniversary, and joined the pamamanhikan dinner for Bebert's brother. Thank goodness for tripods - I was in the group picture. Yey! Good thing I didn't slip when I ran to join.

I don't even know what these flowers are but they were so pretty. I always see them on Sto. Ninos. Bebert said they're called everlasting. They were being sold at Mines View Park.

The view from our room at Mile Hi Inn, Camp John Hay where we stayed. Rooms were very cheap at P1,350 per room/night (good for 4 persons) due to the lean season. It was a no-frills place, but clean and easily accessible to next door restaurants (Little John's was a favorite) and stores. A short walking distance to food and other supplies was a plus as it was raining a lot, and very cold.

Another store at Mines View. Was glad they didn't mind me taking pictures. Other stores within John Hay were strict about cameras. We also went to Good Shepherd, St. Joseph's Church, and Baguio Country Club. Too bad I couldn't go to the market downtown. Visiting places can be rather difficult if you're snoring loudly in bed.

Bea taking a break at Luisita on our way back home to Manila. She can now clearly say mama, papa, and dede. She knows how to stretch her arms, pretend to cry, wash her hands, smell her feet, wrinkle her nose and say baho. She also loves to play with things that aren't toys, like this water bottle.