Thursday, January 31, 2008

Coffee Prince na lang dear

The short-haired girl, Yoon Eun Hye, has always amused me. I first saw her in Princess Hours in 2006 so I was happy when I saw GMA's ads of Coffee Prince. Coffee Prince airs very late though so I'm rarely able to catch it. Buti na lang may DVD - thanks Bebert. I finished episodes 3-5 the other night and it took a superhuman will to stop and drag myself to bed. I can't wait to finish the other episodes! I think there are about 15 or so, where 1 episode = 1 hour. I wish GMA would sell DVDs of Coffee Prince and Princess Hours dubbed in Tagalog. Mas maganda pa rin ang Pinoy version. The English subtitles aren't so reliable, and sometimes confusing. But still, I love this show =) Photo taken from the Coffee Prince website.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Whale shark interaction, Donsol

Meet the butanding or whale shark, a gentle giant - this one probably about 50 feet long. Thanks to Daniel, a Korean who joined our group, for this photo. Each butanding has a unique set of lines and spots, just like our finger prints. The peak season for whale shark interactions in Donsol, Sorsogon is in March-April. We were lucky to see 5 whale sharks on December 23. Got to swim beside 3 butandings, if only for 20-40 seconds. Halos mamatay ako sa nerbiyos nung una. It was amazing though, hearing their booming heartbeat, and seeing how massive they are.

Sunset from our cottages. The boys said those guys just took off their butanding costumes to take a break. Wondering how they can stand another cold morning swimming around those danged tourists. Visit if you'd like to inquire about packages.

Happy feet in Donsol, Sorsogon, 22-24 December 2007. My right toenail, though, is dead, and is horrifying to look at. By the way, we also went firefly watching along Donsol River. Beautiful, especially with the full moon and quiet evening. Then cap it off with glaring camera flashes and loud bursts of "can you feel the love tonight, tonight?" Ang kukulet.

Heathens Bebert, Clint, and Joey. On the plane to Legaspi, we were on Row 6. Back to Manila, Row 1. Indeed, the early (excited!) birds catch the best seats. From Legaspi airport, we drove 1.5 hours to Donsol. And saw Mayon Volcano along the way. Ganda!

View from the cottage porch. We were the only ones at the resort. The family next to our cottage left the day after we arrived. They probably couldn't stand us.

Ironically, we took this shot on our way back to Manila. When we arrived at the Legaspi airport on Dec 22, this sign was monopolized by bored bystanders. At last, we had it all to ourselves. This should have been "Goodbye Bicol", though. Thanks Clint for taking the picture.