Thursday, August 10, 2006

Eating machine

The insatiable desire to eat is driving me mad. It seems that only ten minutes from having a major meal, I find myself wanting to eat again and again and again and again...My current favorites are Kowloon asado siopao with hot sauce, Hen-Lin's cuapao, Eng-Bee-Tin's hopiang hapon at monggo, Ice Monster mango with sago, avocadoes with lots of milk, suha, cheese curls, Clover cheese chips, and Mary Grace's ensaymada and brownies. I've been yearning for Twix but Bebert and I have not been lucky finding it. It's really not easy being a pregnant diabetic and I thought I could do away with all that sweet stuff entirely. I tried for a month but couldn't. So I have to be satisfied with "patikim-tikim". Tikim daw oh.